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Biden’s Silence

During the two recent debates between Trump-Biden and Pence-Harris, among the unanswered questions submitted to Biden and Harris was, “Would you pack or increase the number of judges on the Supreme Court?” Biden said he’d tell us if elected.

The other unanswered question: “Would Biden release his list of candidates for future appointments to the Supreme Court?” Here, again, Biden said he’d release that list if elected.

I think Biden’s silence in both cases speaks for itself. He also would pack it with far-left judges.

This technique is not new, since FDR, a Democrat, tried it some 85 years ago but failed. Back then it was called “stacking the Supreme Court.”

Biden and Harris say they’re now for fracking; however, previously, they were against it. In my opinion, their change of position is because several major voter states, like Pennsylvania, generate a great deal of revenue and employment from fracking. It’s as simple as that!

Richard Matula



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