Big Red Wave - 27 East


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Big Red Wave

I would like to present an explanation for the Big Red Wave on Tuesday. Of tremendous significance, it is extremely disrespectful, dangerous and irritating to tell Americans that what they are seeing is not what they are seeing.

1. Do not tell us that crime in America is a figment of our imagination when innocent victims are created day after day after day.

2. Do not tell us that the border is secure as thousands of illegal aliens stream into our country day after day after day.

3. Do not tell us that the economy is great when, by every measure, it is not, i.e. gas prices, inflation and diminished 401K accounts.

4. Do not tell us that MAGA Republicans are a threat to America and remain silent on Antifa, BLM and left-wing extremists.

We, as American citizens, cannot tolerate being told that what we see is not what we see. If we do, our freedom to think for ourselves will be lost.

Lastly, Americans now understand that the mainstream media has a left-wing agenda, resulting in a one-sided narrative told in an arrogant and condescending manner. Americans do not like bullies. So, the people decided to show both the MSM and the Democratic Party that they are both on the wrong track.

Bill Jones