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Blight in Town

The new three-mile hiking trail from Red Creek Park to Squires Pond and back is impressive. A group of about 75 people hiked it today, Sunday, February 12. It took us under two hours. With a few up-and-down hills, I would label the trail moderate, definitely not strenuous. The trail was built with Community Preservation Fund money.

A few other projects in and around Hampton Bays should be undertaken by Southampton Town. Bel-Aire Cove Motel is an eyesore. It has been vacant for years. Now it looks like a shanty town on the water. If it was torn down, the property would make a good launch site for stand-up paddleboards, kayaks and other small watercraft. How about a snack bar and ice cream? What are they waiting for?

7 Zs Swimming Pool property is another eyesore that’s been vacant for years, and it’s ugly. Since that property is by the water, it would make another excellent launch site for small boats, kayaks and SUPs.

And how about the vacant Getty Station by the Route 24 traffic circle, the gateway to the Hamptons? It has been languishing for over two dozen years. Surely, with some imagination, the town can find a way to clean it up and make better use of the property than a setting for a disaster movie.

I can’t believe the vacant house on the northwest corner of Red Creek Road and West Landing Road is still standing. It is a blight to an otherwise beautiful neighborhood. It’s on the way to a beautiful beach.

Hampton Bays Diner has been discussed in so many meetings, there’s nothing more that I can say.

The words “blight” and “Southampton Town” should not be written in the same letter. I’m sorry, but there should not be blight in one of the richest and most beautiful towns in America: Southampton.

Jim Dreeben

Hampton Bays