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Blind Support

NPR reported that Congressman Lee Zeldin had criticized the Democrats as hypocritical and suggested that they come up from the bottom and take a long, hard look in the mirror. He stated that the Democrats have questioned election results in the past, noting that it is hypocritical of them to castigate those who wreaked havoc in Washington, D.C., last week.

Without going into too many painfully obvious details, it seems natural and reasonable to question an election where the “winner,” in 2016, received 3 million-plus fewer popular votes. Moreover, the Democrats’ queries did not take the form of a violent insurrection.

How Mr. Zeldin can try to compare — as in “spin” — the two situations defies explanation. Rather, it is a desperate attempt to justify the chaos on January 6.

The simple message here is cliche but true: What goes around comes around. Karma collects. Most important of all, being able to look oneself in the mirror is the true test of character and integrity.

The majority of the workforce must adhere to a code of conduct that guides professional and personal behavior and responsibilities, etc. However, again, for some reason that defies good sense and decency, Congressman Zeldin continues to support someone whose conduct is reprehensible. Many employees and employers alike would have been dismissed from jobs, lost careers and in some cases served time in prison for the same behavior that Zeldin’s truly fearless leader exhibits as a way of life. In fact, some have.

The congressman’s blind support suggests that he is delusional or deceitful, or in denial — or all three. Clearly, the man that he so steadfastly stands by is all of those. Perhaps the congressman’s political aspirations blind him to the ultimate and inevitable consequences of selling one’s soul.

For the past four years, the highest office in the world has been afflicted with gross abuses of power wrought by a man with no experience to fulfill the duties of the position. Mr. Zeldin, you have two daughters. What are you teaching them by your resolute support of a bully, a man who lacks intelligence, decency, integrity, basic good will? What legacy will you give them?

To repeat, in the NPR piece, you told the Democrats that it is time to take a good, hard look in the mirror. How, exactly, do you manage that each day?

This nation has gone down a very sad and destructive path. You and so many others who should have known better and done better are responsible for the damage that has been done.

The next time you look in the mirror, tell yourself it is not too late to right the wrongs that have been done.

Claudia La Melza



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