Boat Catches Fire In Hampton Bays Marina Friday Night - 27 East

Boat Catches Fire In Hampton Bays Marina Friday Night

author on Feb 14, 2015
Officials have not yet determined what sparked a boat fire at Jackson’s Marina in Hampton Bays shortly before 10 p.m. on Friday.Southampton Town Police Sergeant James Cavanagh said this week... more

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New York State Assemblyman Fred W. Thiele Jr., chairman of the Assembly Local Governments Committee, has been appointed by Speaker Carl Heastie to serve as co-chair of the 2023 Joint Budget Subcommittee on General Government and Local Assistance. The establishment of conference committees on the budget sets up a cooperative framework for resolving the differences between the budget resolutions passed by the two houses of the New York State Legislature and the governor. Joint budget committees provide a means to work toward agreements on many issues and help expedite New York State’s complex budget process. Traditionally, joint committees consist of ... 20 Mar 2023 by Staff Writer

Brighter Future

Parents, essential workers, young professionals, business owners, seniors and community leaders across Long Island agree that our antiquated model for creating community housing has failed us and that we need a new approach. The Peconic Bay Community Housing Fund, passed by referendum in the four East End towns in 2022, demonstrates that our East End residents agree. And in a January 2023 Newsday poll, 70 percent of Long Islanders said housing options on the island were a problem. The New York Housing Compact, proposed in this year’s state budget, due April 1, 2023, provides the tools that local governments need ... by Staff Writer

A Traffic Nightmare

At the recent meeting of the North Sea Citizens Advisory Committee, members discussed Suffolk County’s proposal to use the remaining 11-foot right-of-way on County Road 39 to provide pedestrian sidewalks on either side of the roadway [“Sidewalk Construction Will Mean Regular Lane Closures for Two Years on County Road 39,”, March 8]. The following comments reflect the views of many committee members. No one present was in favor; all strongly opposed it. The proposed plan is woefully out of date. A cursory review of today’s conditions on County Road 39 reveals much has changed since the highway was widened ... by Staff Writer

A Travesty

The proposed buildings on an agricultural reserve at 625 Butter Lane in Bridgehampton contain a gross misrepresentation that, if not rejected, will set a precedent with dire consequences for Southampton and surrounding agricultural reserves. The applicant has repeatedly attempted to subvert easements and build housing on the agricultural reserve. Currently, he seeks Planning Board approval for a “greenhouse” on the reserve — misleading the planning, agricultural and zoning boards so he can build housing disguised as something it’s not. If approved, developers and attorneys will use this case to justify construction of housing on agricultural reserves. Four years ago, the ... by Staff Writer

Sidewalk to Nowhere

I have been recently apprised of the sidewalk project proposed for the west end of County Road 39 [“Sidewalk Construction Will Mean Regular Lane Closures for Two Years on County Road 39,”, March 8], with the tone-deaf plan to disrupt already chaotic traffic both eastbound and westbound for a period of two years. Considering nothing less than the astounding traffic crisis that repeats itself every day — twice a day — the county, in its infinite wisdom, plans to spend nearly $10 million on the sidewalk to nowhere, inconveniencing 87,000 vehicles a day, creating a sidewalk that will be ... by Staff Writer

Express News Group Reporter Kitty Merrill Honored By Quogue Village Police

Not only does intrepid Express News Group reporter Kitty Merrill report on crimes that occur ... by Bill Sutton

VIEWPOINT: The Supreme Court Case That Could Radically Change Elections

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Overrule His Dictates

Just as Jay Schneiderman’s contempt for the public was apparent when the Nelson Pope Voorhis contract failed to delete comments that revealed the town’s intent to disparage opposition as NIMBY-ism, labeling it “public outreach,” so is his latest outrageous overreach: telling the public to stay home from the upcoming Bel-Aire Cove Motel public meeting if they wanted to discuss anything but his two development alternatives. So as not to stray too far from reality, the public, as well as this supervisor, should remember: Schneiderman was elected by the public to execute their wishes, address their concerns, spend their money wisely ... by Staff Writer

It Affects Us All

The Suffolk County Public Works Department is proposing a $9.6 million sidewalk plan for the north and south sides of County Road 39 in Southampton [“Sidewalk Construction Will Mean Regular Lane Closures for Two Years on County Road 39,”, March 8]. Suffolk County has already requested bids for the two-year-long construction project. The Public Works Department claims there is a need for pedestrian safety. At the March 6 public information online meeting, local residents questioned the need for the sidewalks, as there is very little pedestrian traffic in the area. The Suffolk County Legislature proposal states that the construction ... by Staff Writer

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