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Breast Cancer Battle

I want to send a tremendous thank you to everyone who contributed to our “Help Susie Give Cancer the Boot!” campaign: our generous sponsors, those who made online donations to support services for breast and gynecological cancer patients, those who sent in checks, the local businesses that put out our boot collection jars, and all our wonderful volunteers.

When I was diagnosed in January with breast cancer for the third time, it was not my intention to “play the cancer card,” but my dear friends and colleagues convinced me to do so. Our local breast cancer organizations, Lucia’s Angels and the Coalition for Women’s Cancers at Stony Brook Southampton Hospital, were in desperate need of funding. COVID prevented us from having our usual fundraising events, but it did not stop breast cancer. In fact, many women delayed having an annual mammogram and were later diagnosed with later-stage cancers as a result. Our local breast cancer organizations were needed more than ever.

Our “Give Cancer the Boot!” fundraiser did not benefit me directly, but it did benefit my heart and soul. I thrive on helping others. I am forever grateful for all the support we’ve had for this campaign.

It’s not too late to donate: Go to

Remember: Early detection is the key to winning the battle over breast cancer.

Susie Barry Roden