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Bring Back ‘Community’

These are trying times for any individual in public office. The political script may have been thrown away, but now is the time to bring the village together, with the common goal of strength, leadership, commitment and dedication. To serve as a trustee is to give an oath of commitment to the community.

The election is September 15 for two open positions for Southampton Village trustee. It is an important election, as we need to bring back the concept of community to the village. It is the community that makes Southampton Village a privilege to be a part of.

There are four good candidates running for the trustee positions — but only two will get the job done.

Agree or disagree with “Epley politics,” there are few families that have shown the dedication and commitment to Southampton Village, from serving in ambulance and fire departments, as educators and coaches to our children, and always making philanthropic donations in times of need.

Zach Epley continues the family tradition of giving back, from his past position on the Planning Board to his dedication in coaching ball teams. As a graduate of the Southampton school system and Union College, he exhibits the leadership qualities that were bestowed on him by his family. Being the corporate director of support services for the Seafield Center reinforces his maturity and responsibility to others. With a major in political science and dedication to family, he will lead our village forward in these difficult times.

Kimberly Allan brings a wealth of background as past commissioner of the Building Department, zoning boards, Planning Commission, Justice Court and central garage. Her educational background, which includes a MBA from the Fordham School of Business, puts her in a position to understand trends and finance, which are so important to the health of the village.

Having had the honor to serve with Kimberly, her most important quality is getting projects done! From Community Preservation Fund properties acquired, priority listings for CPF, I/A septic system legislation, lot coverage, height and side lot zoning, leaf blower legislation, cell access installations, to senior and youth citizen action groups, Kimberly has shown that with teamwork much can be accomplished. Her dedication as a trustee and ability to resolve issues are traits that are needed to lead the village.

The village has a lot of difficult issues in the coming months, from budget concerns and a growing year-round population to the continuing fiscal openings of the business district. Zach and Kimberly exhibit the diverse backgrounds and combined qualifications that will lead Southampton Village into the future.

Help bring back the concept of “community” to Southampton and join me in supporting Zach Epley and Kimberly Allan for trustees.

Michael Irving

Southampton Village

Mr. Irving is a former mayor of Southampton Village — Ed.


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