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Bring Sanity Back

My letter is in response to the wave of submissions printed here last week by Democrats desperate to make their case for more of the chaos they have been responsible for since they took control of the House, Senate and presidency.

Andrea Klausner of the Southampton Democratic Committee [“Grievance Politics,” Letters, October 27] spun a laughable yarn that only the Dems can save us from runaway crime, inflation and the return of the boogeyman Donald Trump. She ignores the obvious and hopes you have forgotten that our crime epidemic took root during the George Floyd summer of riots that went on endlessly due to the progressive leadership in cities where it occurred. Today, that leadership owns the current crime wave.

Ms. Klausner further argues that only her Democrat Party can undo the rampant inflation unleashed on the American people that will become a full-blown recession next year.

The simple truth is that Democrats spent trillions of dollars to fend off the effects of COVID on the economy, and then trillions more on their nonessential wish list. Economics 101 tells us that too many dollars chasing too few goods and services will drive up their prices.

Thus, we are where we are. The Inflationary Reduction Act is a play on words to suggest that it will reduce this problem. It probably won’t, but that didn’t stop Democrats, including our Ms. Klausner, from crowing that we had reduced the deficit by $1.7 trillion this year. The obvious lie is that we just didn’t spend as much this year by $1.7 trillion. Honestly, Democrats feeding this to their own constituency is an insult.

The progressives are furious over the overturning of Roe with the Dobbs decision. They were so incensed that one of them set out to kill a justice. Failing that, they have placed a chill on the institution we rely on to be faithful to the Constitution by picketing the private residences of our justices.

Progressives argue that Roe was settled law. It wasn’t. There never was a right enumerated in the Constitution to an abortion. Even the liberal icon Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg acknowledged this. Unelected officials (i.e. Supreme Court justices) making law isn’t constitutional. This right has not been taken away by our Supremes but returned to we the people to decide what we want.

Democrats have misused their opportunity to lead this country. When voting on November 8, ask yourself if rewarding this clown show by voting for more of the same makes any sense.

Here, New York has a shot at bringing sanity back to Albany. Our own Lee Zeldin has a real chance to win. Let’s not pass it up.

Ed Surgan