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Bringing Sunshine

A recent edition of The Press had a cover story about a couple who had lost and then found a wedding ring that has been in service for more than a half century [“A Miracle at the Beach: Strangers Team Up To Find Lost Ring,”, September 12]. The story was of Mike and Claire Pilero of Hampton Bays, who had called on friends who were adept at recovering lost objects with the aid of metal detectors. The ring, once lost, was now found.

The story began on the front page of the paper, above the fold, with a photo and caption to boot. The story continued on Page A8 with another picture and caption. The pièce de résistance was their words were enshrined as the Quote of the Week on the Opinion page. A trifecta! Not even the governor gets that much coverage.

For those few of your readers who do not know Mike and Claire, they are the nicest people one would ever meet. This was a story of nice things happening to nice people, and it was well deserved.

Congratulations to Mike and Claire — may you continue to bring sunshine to the world around you.

Bruce Doscher

Hampton Bays