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Build More?

Having read through Alfred Caiola’s pages of gobbledygook [“Q&A: Alfred Caiola Discusses His Vision for Hampton Bays and Its Downtown,”, December 2], I still don’t get the essence of what he really intends to do, other than more “stuff.”

The Express News Group executive editor, Joseph Shaw, asked Caiola some very relevant questions to try to clarify.

What I learned from Caiola is that “these people” have worn him down. That “minds have to become more open” and change.

In other words, it’s not his incoherent vision to correct the “mishmash” that is Hampton Bays — it’s the closed-minded people who are standing in his way.

I attended the October 27 Express Sessions event at Canoe Place Inn, which was an open forum to discuss the future of Hampton Bays and to get input from the residents. What I heard from many people was that they had doubts about the overhaul proposal because of the unoccupied structures, such as the diner, the Capital One building and many stores that remain vacant.

It seems that Caiola’s remedy for this is to build more.

Linda Slezak

Hampton Bays