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Building Ignored

I have been walking my dogs past the Nathaniel Rogers House in Bridgehampton for over 20 years. I was always aware of a small building with a brick chimney on the southeast perimeter of the property.

Many years ago, a tour of the house was conducted. We were told that the small building was the slave house, and that the main house was for the boarders.

Teachers from the city would come by boat to Sag Harbor, take a stagecoach across the Bridgehampton-Sag Harbor Turnpike and stay at the Nathaniel Rogers House for the summer.

Recently, the main building has been restored and upgraded and is being made into a museum — but the small building, which by this time was covered with vines, was ignored and then knocked down.

How can such an important part of local history be discarded?

The Bridgehampton Historical Society should also be responsible for restoring this building.

Judith Faer


Nina Dec, director of the Bridgehampton Museum, said the building collapsed in late 2021 in a storm. The wreckage is being left on site while research is underway on the building’s history and whether it should be rebuilt, but she said there is no proof so far that it was used as slave quarters — Ed.