Bumpy Road - 27 East


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Bumpy Road

I am writing this to amuse myself and those who choose to read this.

As many of you have probably experienced in the past few weeks, Sagaponack — actually, some people in it, in government — have decided to place about 10 speed bumps on the few roads in the village.

The problem is that the placements are illogical, irrational and actually, in my opinion, abjectly stupid.

First of all, why would anyone place speed bumps within three car lengths of stop signs, where we are slowing to stop?

Secondly, why place speed bumps within a few car lengths after the stop signs, when cars are just starting up and, maybe, after making turns, getting to 10 mph?

If there was a reason to slow cars for the school, why put the bumps at the school just before the stop sign instead of maybe 100 or more yards before?

And then there are the four on Hedges Lane, both directions. Come watch the cars either just fly over them, skirt to the side with right side wheels off them, or even those fearful drivers who actually stop, causing others to react behind them, before proceeding over them, and then zooming away for the next mile or so in an area where speed doesn’t really matter.

I wonder what these things cost the village taxpayers, for, again, in my opinion, nothing.

Louis K. Meisel