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Buying Votes

After careful consideration, I will not be voting Democrat this year. I have in the past, but this year it’s unconscionable. I am voting Republican on November 8.

Democrats canceling student debt is one of the most absurd things I’ve ever heard. Rewarding people for reneging on financial commitments by taxing those who honor their financial commitments is just wrong. This is vote buying at its worst. This is also going to further fuel inflation, which is ravaging our middle class right now.

Democrats know this will harm our nation’s economic health, but they are doing it anyway, because they think the free money handouts right before an election will generate votes.

We can prevent this by voting Republican.

It’s easy to give away money that doesn’t belong to you. It’s our money — taxpayer money. Leave us alone, please.

It is frightening to think that this proposal is less radical than what the far left Democrats really wanted. Imagine what Democrats will do once President Joe Biden steps aside or they get stronger control of Congress?

Thanks, but no thanks.

Let’s support common sense Republican candidate Nick LaLota for U.S. Congress and Lee Zeldin for governor on November 8.

Helen Ruvio