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Cabal Of Insiders

As a lifelong employee and year-round manager in the Village of Southampton, I felt compelled to read the story in the now-sold-out Southampton Press “Who Wants the Mayor’s Texts?” [January 30].

The answer to this question is quite clear: a Village Hall insider whose intention is simply to intimidate our new mayor.

This reminds me of the hazing-like behavior that would take place in Southampton Town Hall during the Anna Throne-Holst era. Then, there was a cultural of FOILs and distractions made to discourage residents, voters, etc. from speaking out on issues that affect our community. Sadly, that Throne-Holst culture has somehow made it over to Village Hall.

I applaud our mayor, Jesse Warren, for having the strength to carry on doing the good work he set out to do in the face of a cabal of insiders who favor the status quo and who will stoop to any low level or lowly action.

Thank you, Mayor Jesse Warren, for your courage and commitment to our village.

Dawn MacDougall

Southampton Village


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