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Can’t Get Away

Far Pond Road in Southampton dead-ends at Shinnecock Bay and offers an idyllic spot for a variety of enjoyable activities: clamming, boating, kayaking and paddleboarding are just a few. All offer a welcome respite from the daily onslaught of our country’s divisive and toxic political landscape, never mind the fear, anxiety and even more conflicts COVID-19 has added to the mix.

So is it really necessary for the house on the water’s edge near the dead-end to feature that “Trump 2020” flag?

Yup, I know — it’s private property, and I guess that means the owner can do whatever he/she wants on it, within reason. But at a place where we go to forget, no matter our political persuasions, all that concerns us, this jarring reminder makes that impossible. Not only is it stunningly incongruous with the surroundings but it reeks of entitlement, tone-deafness and a profound lack of consideration.

We get it. You like Trump. Undoubtedly, so do some of your neighbors who also live right on the bay. But they’re not literally waving a flag to make sure we all know it — when we’re doing our best to get away from it all, for just a little while.

Tom Murray



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