Car Fire Extinguished On County Road 39 - 27 East

Car Fire Extinguished On County Road 39

author on Mar 13, 2014
No injuries were reported on Thursday afternoon when firefighters responded to a fully engulfed pick-up truck just off of County Road 39. According to Second Assistant Chief Chris Brenner of... more

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Doesn’t Apply Here

Landlords on the East End need to carefully follow the law enacted by the State Legislature in June 2019: the “Housing Stability and Tenant Protection Act.” Or they could face massive fines. I am learning that our State Legislature depends on the courts to interpret its laws, so apparently we will need a court case on questionable practices, like collecting summer rent in advance, before the courts rule that this state law should not apply to short-term vacation rentals at all. You might wonder how I can make this preposterous legal assertion? Quite simply, I have read the law at ... by Staff Writer

Clearing Up FOIL

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Let Us Decide

Of all the character assassinations, invective, political swill, lies and bad faith routinely chronicled in the Letters to The Press, none is as disgusting and outrageous as that from Dr. Georgette L. Grier-Key, executive director and curator of the Eastville Community Historical Society [“A Great Harm,” Letters, February 13]. Ms. Grier-Key, emboldened by her titles and position — accolades dear to the cramped academic mindset — dares to dictate who should control art, recovered history, historical interpretation, and what the public has a right to see and consider. A politically correct Philistine, she is guilty of co-opting a country’s and ... by Staff Writer

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Saviors To Many

After 55 years of living with brittle diabetes, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Westhampton Beach and Quogue police officers and Westhampton Beach Ambulance personnel who have helped me no matter the time of day. I give all of them my deepest gratitude and admiration for their professionalism and care. Regardless of how, when or where I needed their assistance, they have always responded. They have been invaluable in saving my life so many times. The volunteers often go without notice but are so critical to all of us. Their hearts are filled with love and dedication ... by Staff Writer

Freedom Of Speech

I am writing to tell my version of what happened on the night of February 12 [“Video: Art Dealer Arrested Following Disturbance At Sag Harbor Film Screening,”, February 13], to let everyone know that most of the articles and the people’s comments were biased and untrue. I decided to go with a couple of friends to see a documentary about the history of the Indians, past and present, specifically about the Shinnecock Indian Nation people. I was a paying customer, and the event took place in a public restaurant. At the end of the movie, there was an opportunity ... by Staff Writer

Thank You, Mr. Trump!

Many economists gauge our nation’s economic condition, going forward six months, by the rise and fall of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, which is the combined stock price of 30 major industrial companies. If that theory holds true, which it has over the past six months plus, we’re in for a record-breaking 2020. Thanks to President Trump! Richard Matula Westhampton by Staff Writer

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