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I wish I were an award-winning author and had the privilege of writing a column and calling it “Mostly Right.” Phil Keith has this privilege but doesn’t seem to value it. He fills it these days with the same old nonsense trying to enthrall his audience with new ways he can show his disdain for Donald Trump.

Mr. Keith has every right to his opinion, but as a distinguished author he ought to try to use his talent rather than subject us to his prattle. Prattle is defined as “idle chatter and babble” in my Webster’s Thesaurus.

In addition, Mr. Keith, any Conservative has long ago written off the Washington Post and New York Times as a source of opinion, so try reading The Wall Street Journal for a change. It couldn’t hurt.

Dick Sheehan [“Standing In The Way,” Letters, August 6] could probably use the advice I gave Mr. Keith and try some different news outlets. If he believes democracy is better served by Progressives running our cities ravaged by civil unrest and lawlessness, he’d better change channels. Whoever is promoting the physical attacks on law enforcement, the defacing and looting of private property, the burning of public property, the unprecedented gun violence and murder that has engulfed our poor neighborhoods, they are not Republicans.

Selecting Joe Biden and Governor Andrew Cuomo and claiming they do not support anarchy is not much of a defense for all the Democrats running these cities in turmoil. Your claim that “most demonstrations have been peaceful” should be qualified as “start out as peaceful.” Deliberate and calculated mayhem is a crime, not a peaceful protest.

The country has started to take notice of how Democrats will make changes to law and policy we are accustomed to. A Democrat Congress run by extremists will convert our free society into an elitist-controlled social experiment that will penalize individualism and expression. Look no further than our universities for an example of disdain for our American Exceptionalism. See how our economy, even now shaking off a suffocating pandemic, will be reined in by a Biden presidency guided by a socialist, Bernie Sanders. See every piece of legislation passed in Congress created through the narrow prism of race or gender.

Be prepared to be tested by every world adversary if a clearly diminished Joe Biden is the leader of the free world. We will return to the global conspiracy by which those who hate us wish us to be shackled.

Ed Surgan



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