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Change The Dynamics

In a 2016 study, researchers found that ants could turn their mortal enemies into allies. After intense battle, they stop fighting and form a truce.

It is now our time to achieve that amicable truce.

Mark Parash and Andrew Pilaro have consistently tried to work with Mayor Jesse Warren, and at every turn they have been treated with disrespect and animus. The mayor’s behavior has also led to four attorneys in the village resigning in the last 20 months. It is time to start working like a village where the community’s best interest is put in the forefront over personal interests and future political aspirations.

Therefore, it’s necessary to have an open-door policy where each citizen is encouraged to contribute to the community good and offer opinions that will always be considered and discussed before being voted on. This is the time for us to make our voices heard.

Get out and vote and change the dynamics. Vote Parash and Pilaro, and Michael Irving for mayor.

Anthony Steven