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Changing Lives

I am the community entitlement advocate for the Town of Southampton. I am writing this letter to express my support of Heart of the Hamptons remaining within Southampton Village at their new headquarters on Meeting House Lane.

During my 17 years of advocacy work for the town, I have worked closely with several agencies, and Heart of the Hamptons has always proven to be the community’s biggest supporter. Heart of the Hamptons is making an incredible impact for our neighbors in need.

In these most trying times, when there is a global pandemic, and individuals are struggling with illnesses of a loved one, exorbitant mortgages and utility expenses, etc., Heart of the Hamptons is there to support our residents. This organization recognizes the importance of looking after working-class people who make up the very fabric of this community and have not yet relocated due to the high cost of living. Heart of the Hamptons is known mostly for their food pantry, however they are equally as valuable to our community as a safety net for those facing unexpected financial hardships with nowhere else to turn.

There are many situations I can elaborate on when Heart of the Hamptons has stepped in to help; however, I will discuss the most recent. A local couple who have lived and worked in Southampton their whole lives needed a handicap-accessible bathroom. Heart of the Hamptons covered the completion of the project to make the bathroom safe for the elderly couple. The couple was so grateful to finally have an accessible space after a long time of feeling that they had no one to turn to for help.

In short, changing lives and making a difference for our neighbors in need is this organization’s way.

I ask you to help them continue their great work in our community by allowing them to set up a stable home for their operation at 44 Meeting House Lane in Southampton.

Julie Hopson

Community Entitlement Advocate

Southampton Town