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Charge Impact Fee

Thanks go to Dee Yardley, his crew and all who helped get John Street and parts of Glover Street repaved.

These two streets were in terrible shape, and it’s not just coincidence that there has been intense demolition and construction in both these areas. The projects required heavy equipment transported by heavy trucks, which took a toll on the pavement. The projects required utilities installation, which also tore up the streets.

The owners of these projects should be responsible for the road repair, not the rest of us taxpayers. An impact fee should be part of the building permit and those funds set aside for the repair of the infrastructure that was damaged.

The new mayor and Board of Trustees seem interested in the conditions of the local folks and our financial ability to stay here. Therefore, the people who are razing the “affordable” houses and putting “trophy” houses in their place should be required by the board, during the permitting process, to be responsible for the impact to our village infrastructure that their choices make. Otherwise, the taxes go up for everyone. Including seniors on fixed incomes.

A thought on affordable housing: Years ago, Betty Mazur proposed what she called a “teardown tax,” to be put in the Community Housing Trust. Interesting idea.

Cam Gleason

Sag Harbor