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Chasing Ghosts

I’m glad to see that critical race theory is driving Carlos Sandoval “nuts” [“Mirror, Mirror,” Vistas, Opinion, July 8], as I to find it nuts but in a totally different way.

Mr. Sandoval tries to intellectualize the concept via confusion and historical anecdotes. Very lawyer-like of him. But I want to break it down in a simplistic manner for him so he can’t intellectualize its excuses.

CRT is the theory that whites are the oppressor and Blacks are the oppressed, and if you can’t acknowledge that then you are not aware of your oppressive status. The continued inequity is based solely on that theory, and it continues with systemic racism, even though not a single example of that is ever cited. Just say it, therefore it has to be true.

Condemning a race because of the color of their skin is wrong, even if you try to make it progressive. He further cites the KKK, and abuse of Latinos, along with the Tulsa massacre, as further CRT advancement. But not so — these are historical events that have been taught in the context of history, not via CRT.

Once again, he brings up his brother’s arrest, where he resisted arrest and suffered the consequences of resistance, as somehow another example of racism. Sorry, Carlos: If anyone resists arrest, regardless of skin color, there are always ramifications. Glad to see it wasn’t lasting and you and your family have thrived in the greatest nation ever created by God and man. A wiser man would appreciate that, but apparently you use it as a catalyst for racial anger.

CRT is the breaking point. Americans will not accept it nor adopt it, because it is totally steeped in Marxism, but instead of the proletariat vs. the bourgeois, or the worker vs. the capitalist, it is based on race and it wants to divide our nation, not unite us.

I suggest Mr. Sandoval read the Declaration of Independence, for that is our beginning; not perfect, but beginnings never are, but from that beginning we have done much not just for our nation but also for the world. I suggest a trip to Normandy, France, to see how our brave young Americans saved the world from the greatest threat to a civilized world.

But I think that Mr. Sandoval is the kind of person who only sees his nation as evil, and that is truly sad, for his blessings have been wasted, because, as we all now know, victimhood is the new norm, and CRT is a cop-out for complicated racial disparities. A division based on the color of our skin is not who we are as a nation, and it’s time to stop chasing ghosts and have a real conversation.

Thomas M. Jones

Sag Harbor