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Choice Is Clear

As resident of North Haven, I want to express that Terie Diat has been a total breath of fresh air since she was elected as a trustee nearly two years ago. We have a natural leader here. We are very fortunate.

Her accomplishments are many. For the first time, we have a monthly newsletter that she puts out that provides pertinent and useful information. She also led the effort to oversee the totally revamped Village of North Haven website, which was so greatly needed. The old website was beyond useless.

Ms. Diat also oversaw the comprehensive community survey that was administered late last year. Residents also receive regular emails from the village on upcoming meetings, events, etc.

In short, nobody here living on North Haven can ever complain about not knowing about what’s going on. Ms. Diat is directly responsible for all of this significant improvement in communication between the village and residents. And I, and many others here, really appreciate it.

I also admire what she did on the much needed shoreline protection program. We now have clear and concise rules in place. Let’s also not forget the new “Kick the Ticks Out of North Haven” initiative of which she is co-heading with Claas Abraham (another very smart and trusted person of great integrity). Hopefully, all homeowners will take part in the four-poster program. Nobody wants ticks.

Finally, unlike others, I’m glad that Ms. Diat is not afraid to ignore the cellular service issue. A survey of North Haven residents conducted by the village showed that the vast majority want a cell tower. A very small group of screamers have been making false claims about health issues and other points that have zero validity or substance. There are 4 million cell towers in the world, and zero evidence ever of any health issues. The American Cancer Society states publicly there are no health issues.

Reliable cell service is as critical as electricity, roads and water these days. It is a life safety issue that allows police or an ambulance to precisely locate a person instantly. People can die without reliable cell service.

Teri has thoroughly investigated all aspects of this issue with technical experts, and can be counted on to make a reasoned decision based on facts having been heard from all sides.

I want a mayor who listens and will react accordingly to what a majority of the residents desire. It is clear that Ms. Diat has worked hard on our behalf and has accomplished much in less than two years.

Terie Diat has earned the right to be the next mayor of North Haven. I believe in her and trust her and her integrity. The choice is clear.

Joel Ross

North Haven