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Choose Wisely

With inflation the highest in over 40 years, the Biden administration is racing toward a Jimmy Carter redux. Mortgage rates are now the highest in 20 years. Free money has rolled off the printing presses, and up to $20,000 of college debt may soon be forgiven, a slap in the face to taxpayers who labored to pay their debts or incurred none by going directly to work after high school.

Petroleum products have skyrocketed in cost, though our country was energy independent before he took office. To mitigate poor energy policies, Joe Biden is currently working on depleting our energy reserves and gone begging to totalitarian states to supply us with the oil our country needs to operate. These same poor energy policies will have Europe descending into the dark ages, burning wood to stay warm this winter and depleting their precious forests and the CO2 they would filter and absorb.

Biden, as did Barack Obama, manages dissent by weaponizing the IRS, FBI, CIA and even the Department of Justice against political foes, the very essence of fascism — yet he calls his detractors “semi-fascists,” but bumps fists with the leader of the “pariah state” of Saudi Arabia in his quest for more oil.

Biden’s FBI has stormed political opponents’ residences, Gestapo style, in the wee hours of the morning, while investigation into his own son’s shady business dealing and tawdry life are shielded by the FBI and Christopher Wray, specifically. Detractors are arrested for contempt of Congress, facing jail time, but Lois Lerner, and Eric Holder from the Obama years, have never been arrested and have never appeared before Congress after being held in contempt.

Other politically friendly liars under oath before congressional hearings have similarly escape unscathed. Andrew McCabe, deputy director of the FBI, denied knowing anything about the Trump dossier and its origins and financing by the Democratic National Committee. Kevin Clinesmith, an FBI attorney, received a wrist slap for initially lying and then plea bargaining for forging an email that allowed the FISA applications to spy on Carter Page and then candidate Donald Trump. The list goes on.

To combat any dissent, Biden had the audacity to propose a Disinformation Governance Board, an Orwellian Ministry of Truth, to decide what information is allowable for public consumption.

Biden supports the “transgender supremacy act” cosponsored by all the Democrat senators up for reelection. If passed, any boy who decides he is a girl could now go into the girls’ locker room. Students could be tutored, without their parents’ knowledge, on gay and transgender issues. Transgender rights would be placed above religious liberty.

Your vote counts this year — filter through the campaign flyers of disinformation and consider your choice wisely.

John Porta