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Cleaner Energy

It’s exciting to hear that the first of 12 wind turbines has been installed to provide clean energy for eastern Long Island. The turbines will catch the steady breezes 35 miles out, invisible from the beach.

While good news, South Fork Wind’s 132 megawatts only put a dent in the 9 gigawatts that New York needs in total. Four major offshore wind projects, totaling slightly over 4 gigawatts of power, were thrown into limbo when the Public Service Commission denied them inflation adjustments. Those projects are going out for rebid, but it’s pretty hard to imagine they’ll come in cheaper.

Governor Kathy Hochul has just announced the award of three more offshore wind farms, totaling 4 gigawatts of clean power. These new projects, and the rebidding process for the old ones, need to be expedited to catch up with the commitments that the governor has made.

Harvesting energy from the wind instead of from burning fossil fuels curbs the dangerous warming of the air and oceans. We will feel these winds of change in cleaner air, ultimately cheaper energy, and the satisfaction of helping to lessen the storm damage and rising seas which threaten our homes and communities.

Kathleen Boziwick

Sag Harbor