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Cleaning Up Their Mess

I was troubled to read the “sour grapes” attack on Mayor Jesse Warren by four of his predecessors in their November 14 letter to editor [“Sound Advice”]. Mayor Warren is now working tirelessly to clean up the mess left by those mayors.

My family lives on Lake Agawam, which is one of the most polluted lakes in our state. For years, Southampton mayors promised to clean up the lake — but the lake has gotten worse and worse. Because of inaction, public health is now literally at risk.

Thanks to Mayor Warren, we finally have hope. Governor Andrew Cuomo and the State Department of Environmental Conservation have committed to working to clean up the lake. The state recently tested cutting-edge technology to remove toxic blue-green algae. I’m told the results have been positive.

Because of overbuilding, Lake Agawam has gotten worse. For too long, a small cabal of insiders manipulated the village’s preservation and environmental laws to allow McMansions to be built on small lots. Thanks to Mayor Warren, we now have new, independent lawyers working for the village.

Instead of attacking our new mayor, his predecessors should be thanking him for cleaning up their mess.

Joyce Giuffra



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