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Clear Choice

Nick LaLota won the Republican primary and will face Democratic Suffolk County Legislator Bridget Fleming on November 8 to decide who will represent the 1st Congressional District in Congress. It is an open seat because GOP Congressman Lee Zeldin is running for governor.

A supporter of both Trump and Zeldin, Mr. LaLota’s views on many issues make him the wrong choice for our district, but his stand on reproductive rights completely disqualifies him from becoming our representative.

Since the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision overturned our constitutional right to abortion, who we elect, in state and federal elections, will determine if New Yorkers have reproductive rights. For the first time in over 50 years, abortion rights are on the ballot.

Knowing this, LaLota is trying to have it both ways, pretending to support New Yorkers’ right to pro-choice laws but also appealing to his far-right base.

On his campaign website, he states: “I am the father of three wonderful daughters and I am pro-life. The recent Supreme Court decision to allow states and their voters, not an unelected federal court, to dictate abortion policy is a step in the right direction. The next step is for the New York State Legislature to repeal the extreme provision which allows for third trimester abortions.”

He goes even further down the MAGA rabbit hole in his Twitter post on June 24, the day Dobbs was decided: “Meanwhile, a 2020 New York law which passed on party lines and allows late-term ninth month abortions still stands. Let’s think about that as the protests, riots and looting start in the Empire State.”

A USA Today article from 2019, when the law was passed, explains the disingenuous GOP talking points: “While it is true that New York’s abortion law allows procedures after 24 weeks, there are rules guiding that procedure: if the fetus is not viable or if the health or life of the mother is at risk. If medical practitioners determine that either of these factors are present, the mother can choose to have an abortion. It is false to state or imply that any abortion can occur in New York ‘up until birth,’ as the social posts claim. That is misleading.”

LaLota furthers his lie by claiming, with no evidence, that abortion advocates are violent. Trump’s supporters stormed the Capitol on January 6 — not Planned Parenthood.

The GOP have pledged to pass a national ban on abortion if returned to power in Washington, D.C. If sent to Congress, pro-life Nick LaLota will vote with the GOP.

There is only one choice to safeguard our right to an abortion: Elect Bridget Fleming, who has always stood with New Yorkers in our historic support of reproductive rights.

Barbara Weber-Floyd

Westhampton Beach