Clifford V. Brokaw III Dies November 22 Clifford V. Brokaw III Dies November 22 - 27 East

Clifford V. Brokaw III Dies November 22

author on Dec 1, 2015
Clifford V. Brokaw III of Southampton died on November 22, after a long illness. He was 87. Mr. Brokaw was born in New York City on September 17, 1928, the... more

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Okay, Boomer …

If you were born between 1944 and 1964, you are a Baby Boomer. You are of that generation that blew up the population of the United States dramatically as World War II was ending, extending to the ramp-up to the Vietnam War. There are currently about 76 million of us Boomers still around, and we have dominated the social and cultural landscape for 50 years or so. But times are changing, and the Generation X, Y and Z types, and the Millennials, are taking our place. In so doing, the Millennials, who apparently have little respect for their elders, are ... 18 Nov 2019 by Staff Writer

Cleaning Up Their Mess

I was troubled to read the “sour grapes” attack on Mayor Jesse Warren by four of his predecessors in their November 14 letter to editor [“Sound Advice”]. Mayor Warren is now working tirelessly to clean up the mess left by those mayors. My family lives on Lake Agawam, which is one of the most polluted lakes in our state. For years, Southampton mayors promised to clean up the lake — but the lake has gotten worse and worse. Because of inaction, public health is now literally at risk. Thanks to Mayor Warren, we finally have hope. Governor Andrew Cuomo and ... by Staff Writer

Southampton Town To Allow Contractors To Take Compost And Mulch For Free

In an effort to reduce the amount of compost at town-operated transfer stations, Southampton Town ... by Greg Wehner

The Right Direction

Wow! An editorial [“Two Sides Of A Coin,” November 7] and four former mayors bearing down on Mayor Jesse Warren, breathing fire [“Sound Advice,” Letters, November 14]. The mayors’ letter seems like a call from the principal’s office. I don’t think this is what they mean by a “bully pulpit,” but it really seems like it. What happened to giving a new player a chance to make some changes, and some mistakes? Each of our former mayors has made some mistakes while trying to do what they set out to do. All together, they have nearly 25 years of experience ... by Staff Writer

Out With The Old

It is an unwritten rule that once the president of the United States is replaced by a duly elected new president, any former presidents allow the president-elect to do his or her job without comment, even if they strongly disagree with new policies or appointments. This is a wise rule for the United States and serves us well. Imagine the additional chaos in Washington, D.C., if former presidents could come to a cabinet meeting and tell the new president how he should do his job, or write op-ed letters giving advice. This would add to the already divided and disabled ... by Staff Writer

More Signs Needed

I am writing to you to inform you that I am out here every weekend, and in the last month I have seen several baby fawns on the side of the road in Bridgehampton and Sag Harbor. There need to be more signs around stating “watch for deer” and “drive slowly.” It’s very sad, and way too many are on the side of the road, more and more every day. Caitlin Hausser Roslyn and Sag Harbor by Staff Writer

Baneful Effects

In his “Farewell Address,” President George Washington warned us about the “baneful effects of the spirit of party,” some of which he had experienced during his second presidential campaign. Such political party strife has arisen throughout our history during elections, but never has it been so hateful or continuous as it is now under the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives, and which is supported by journalists, of whom 85 percent are registered Democrats. Even before Trump took office, Democrats decided to impeach the legally elected president, even before he did anything to put “America First”! During the Democratic Party impeachment inquiry ... by Staff Writer

Make An Exception

The Housing and Tenant Protection Act of 2019 must not apply to Hamptons seasonal lessors. If seasonal lessors must be in compliance with this law, seasonal lessors will have no assurance that the tenant will pay the whole summer’s rental. Ultimately, if this law is applied to seasonal leases, many homeowners who are dependent on summer leases in order to afford expenses and maintenance of their homes will sell and move away. Another loss of our local community, another loss of our working middle class, another loss of our character. What a travesty! An exemption for seasonal, vacation rentals must ... by Staff Writer

Please Reconsider

Other than a letter from Simon Jorna, former owner of the Beach Bakery in Westhampton Beach [“A Big Nuisance,” Letters, February 28], the decision to replace the existing roadway with two roundabouts, in connection with the village’s vital sewerage project, does not seem to have been debated much, in The Press or elsewhere. This seems curious, as, typically, roundabouts are not a natural inclusion at the heart of a town, let alone a small village! Roundabouts are designed for the safe passage of motor vehicles at four-way or more intersections. Roundabouts are not pedestrian-friendly. The roundabout by the Westhampton Beach ... by Staff Writer

Sobering Lesson

The long campaign to undo the election of President Trump will play itself out these next two weeks as House Democrats preside over an impeachment inquiry in an attempt to sell a false narrative of abuse of office to the American public. This process has no legal component, because it will have no judge to assure the impartiality of its conduct. This will be a staged dramatic farce designed to ensnare the dimwitted and ignorant into believing the president is unfit for his job. It will also be a rallying point for many components of our national media that have ... by Staff Writer

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