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Clouds in the Sky

Who are they? Do you really know them?

They graduate from the prestigious schools. They think that they know everything. Their vocabulary is rich and flowery. They are masters of talking to convince anyone about things that they even themselves know do not make any sense or are simply wrong.

There are not many of them but enough to brainwash quite a few.

Very often, the less educated scratch their heads with disbelief hearing the well-educated, how they try to explain something that happened. It is obvious what occurred — there are witnesses, pictures, videos — but some of the so-called “smart” people see the truth through rosy glasses.

Mind-boggling is the fact that this kind of person is chosen to represent a group of other people who believe everything they hear from their candidates. They were smooth-talking because they wanted to get the job, and now when they got it they do not care what others think about them. From now on, they are men on a mission, and the mission is dictated by someone higher in the hierarchy who doesn’t tolerate any disobedience.

Those who ask questions are like intrusive flies for them. If it happens that they have to answer any question, they avoid giving a straight answer. They beat around a bush, they make silly excuses. They simply lie.

They make almost $200,000 per year. In addition, they take advantage of quite a few perks that their job provides: annual allowances, health care, pension, family death gratuity, free parking, etc.

So maybe that is why they are so eager to fight for this kind of occupation. They know that with that kind of job comes the power. Maybe that is why they will do everything they can to fulfill their dreams. Even if it means to lose respect and dignity.

Never mind that somewhere a bridge is going to collapse. Don’t worry about cracked highways full of potholes. Education can wait — the less people know, the easier they are manipulated. Heath insurance is an “everybody has to have it” issue, but as long as people don’t complain too much, to find some kind of a solution can wait.

Promises, promises — they are like clouds in the sky. How they move depends on the way the wind is blowing. After a while, the sky becomes clear and blue, but, later, something makes it angry again, and new clouds begin their strange dance.

Those who watch them seem to forget what they heard and saw before. But nothing has changed. People who graduated from prestigious schools, eloquent, using a lot of flowery words, promising something they can’t deliver.

Do we really know who they are?

Ryszard Krasowski

Hampton Bays