Coincidence? - 27 East


Southampton Press / Opinion / Letters / 2016237


The Southampton Town Board’s response to its “discovery” [“‘Regrettable’ Contract Passage Seeks To Discredit Opponents Of Hampton Bays Overlay District,”, August 24] is entirely inadequate. Janice Scherer should be dismissed for gross incompetence. Jay Schneiderman and the town attorney should politely be requested to resign for the same reason. The contract with NPV should be voided. They have demonstrated an entirely biased attitude that will not be removed by a word change.

How credulous can you be to believe that five people read that contract and missed the phrasing? They got exactly what they wanted.

Just coincidence that the Community Preservation Fund offered to buy the Cemetery Association land when their opposition to the Hampton Bays Downtown Overlay District became known?

Too many coincidences.

Cupidity or stupidity? Take your pick. They should all go.

Amy Paradise

Hampton Bays