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Southampton Press / Opinion / Letters / 2010681

Common Values

I grew up taught to love this country. I was educated to believe in America and trust in the wisdom of our Constitution. To trust elected leaders to put country first. Trust the military to defend our homeland, its borders and Constitution. Trust law enforcement and our FBI to take the bad guys off our streets and uncover foreign efforts to threaten our security.

We trusted our courts to protect and defend our Constitution and our freedom from tyranny. We believed our free press would find the truth and tell it to us straight.

Comparing that America with today, it is hard to believe what we have become.

Today, progressives freely condemn our history, institutions and Constitution. Their revisionist history is rewritten to suit an agenda of national self-hatred.

But this effort doesn’t end with just changing the past. Our institutions and Constitution stand in the way of their desire to remake America in their image. Lacking discipline, patience or wisdom, they lash out at the Supreme Court for doing its job in respecting the Constitution in returning lawmaking to the legislative branches in states and Congress.

A letter in this paper demanded packing of the court with progressive jurists so that, I presume, the Constitution might be ignored.

Progressives have naively neutered our criminal justice system. The value of a civil society seems to mean little when compared to a social justice agenda. Our police departments are emptying out in response to district attorneys and courts releasing all manner of criminal behaviors, including attacks upon law enforcement in the line of duty.

Democrats apparently believe immigration must be unfettered by a border, that limiting an invasion of strangers is an act of racism. Ironically, when Democrat mayors find themselves dealing with these fresh new faces in their cities, they cry foul. How telling these objections are. They lose their interest in open borders when their cities become open.

In New York, these same progressives control every arm of the state government. We are hemorrhaging residents to red states and, much worse, the best and brightest from our police and fire departments.

Love Lee Zeldin or not, he is an antidote to the currently unopposed Democrat agenda that has crippled our upstate economy, destroyed public education for our children and grandchildren, imposed at great cost climate change ideology on our sources of energy, and still is clueless on how to manage COVID.

Governor Kathy Hochul is a rubber stamp to all of the above and much worse. A Republican governor in Albany would bring common values and sense to New York State government.

Stop the progressives from destroying your state.

Ed Surgan