Community News, November 16 - 27 East

Community News, November 16

authorStaff Writer on Nov 13, 2023
EAST HAMPTON Dueling Pianos Event To Benefit PTA Music lovers and PTA supporters should mark their calendars for Wednesday, November 22, the eve of Thanksgiving, for a dueling pianos event... more

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Vantage Point Benches

Looking out on Poxabogue, I have a hard time believing what I have read: that it is sinking. The meadow portion of the park is freshly mowed. The Russian olive is reduced again to stumps; there is collateral damage when it comes to maintaining wildlands. A bluebird sits on top of one of the nesting boxes — he is a brilliant streak and an impossibly positive note in a world that seems pocked by disarray. So, too, on the water, there is the distraction of green wing teal, hundreds of them, spooked by my arrival. They make a wide, low ... 27 Feb 2024 by Marilee Foster

Community News, February 29

YOUTH CORNER Totally Tots The East Hampton Library, 159 Main Street in East Hampton, will ... 26 Feb 2024 by Staff Writer

A Thousand Hail Marys

It was probably 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning. I was alone on deck at the wheel, glancing at the compass, struggling to keep on course, but the storm waves and wind kept shoving the boat’s heading off by 10 or 20 degrees. This was the second day and night of a full northeast gale — 40 or more knots of wind, the sea a froth, wave crests surging past me in the pitch darkness. The skipper called them “white horses.” I had sailed for many years on Long Island Sound and had weathered one of its violent midsummer ... by Jim Marquardt

At the Top

Allow me to add my voice to the chorus in high praise of State Assemblyman Fred W. Thiele Jr. upon his decision not to run for reelection to the Assembly after nearly 30 years. Thiele, as a village, town, county and state official over a 45-year span, has been, in a word, superlative. In covering thousands of government officials in Suffolk County as a journalist here for more than 60 years, Thiele has been at the top. He began as a Republican, then as Southampton Town supervisor ran at the head of the environmental Southampton Party ticket, then joined the ... by Karl Grossman

Hearing Snow

I am one of those people who thinks a good grasp of history can help you make better designs for the future. This theory applies to both personal and public matters. All winter, I have been slowly reading my way through President Abraham Lincoln’s early life and political career. Written in 1926, and published in two volumes, Carl Sandburg’s biography of the great leader is not easy reading. It’s easy to see … the author tells of Lincoln’s famously lanky frame so accurately that the reader may see that very man as he moved through the vivid backdrop of the ... 20 Feb 2024 by Marilee Foster

My Other Valentines

I love men. More specifically, I am drawn to Irish men who have poetic hearts but whose souls are sometimes sucked into black holes excavated by their alcoholic fathers. Brooding silence that can last for days is more comfortable for them than words. This has been my experience. Maybe this behavior is simply a male trait, not particular to the Irish. As a woman of Irish descent, I am a fighter who needs to blow off steam and be done with it. Kiss and make up. It has taken me years to understand a man’s need for time alone and ... 19 Feb 2024 by Denise Gray Meehan

A Bellwether Race?

What might be learned from the special election last week in a congressional district that had for years included Suffolk County? In it, Democrat Tom Suozzi handily (by 54 percent to 46 percent of the vote) defeated Mazi Pilip, who was running on the Republican line. The district, New York’s 3rd Congressional District, now covers 80 percent of Nassau County, and the remainder is in Queens. For decades, this district of the House of Representatives also included Huntington and much of Smithtown and was represented by Suffolk County figures, including former Huntington Town Supervisor Jerry Ambro, ex-Suffolk County Legislator Bob ... by Karl Grossman

Community News, February 22

YOUTH CORNER Totally Tots The East Hampton Library, 159 Main Street in East Hampton, will ... by Staff Writer

The Hard Part

Suffolk County isn’t alone in facing an affordable housing crisis. Last month, The New York Times ran an article that included in its headline: “Ireland’s Housing Crisis.” It began by relating how a teacher in Dublin needs to live with family an hour and a half from work because, she says, “There’s very little housing available, and what is available is way out of my reach. I’m never going to afford a house or an apartment on my own up in Dublin.” The article reported how so many are “priced out … unable to buy homes.” Sound familiar? “While a ... 12 Feb 2024 by Karl Grossman

VIEWPOINT: Sitting Post Office Shiva

By Bruce Buschel Since the start of the U.S. mail system in 1863, no mail ... by Southfork Kitchen