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Community Or Greed

I am writing to support the Schiavoni application in any way possible.

I’ve struggled for over a week over what to say, and how to say it. What is happening to them is beyond normal and has now become simply cruel and suspect.

Instead of fumbling through my version of all that’s wrong about the way it’s been, and is now being, handled, I defer to the editorial, with a big “Dunce Cap,” in this week’s Sag Harbor Express [“Gold Stars And Dunce Caps,” Editorial, December 4].

I am in complete agreement with everything it says, including (and especially) the last (long) sentence: “Instead, one cannot help but think that private interests, working both in the open and behind the scenes, are hoping this longstanding Sag Harbor family will become so frustrated that they throw in the towel and sell to the highest bidder — most likely someone who has already purchased property nearby.”

I therefore am asking that you expedite this application, honestly and fairly, so that this seven-year, and counting, nightmare that never should have reached this point can be resolved. The future of Sag Harbor rests on whether the village chooses community over greed, or vice versa.

What stands to be lost is so much greater than one lot on Long Island Avenue.

Martha Siegler

Sag Harbor