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Compelling Advocate

In less than a month, on June 25, with early voting beforehand, Democratic voters will have a genuine opportunity to make a difference with their vote in the Democratic primary election in the 1st Congressional District.

John Avlon is running for our congressional seat. Without question, he has the readily established ability to defeat his primary opponent and thereafter to overcome the Republican incumbent, who can only say he supported all things MAGA and helped to get rid of George Santos. Our district deserves so much better.

We live in an extraordinary place in this great country. Shouldn’t we have someone who can speak well and advocate effectively for us in Congress and help deliver all the good things we all want and deserve, including: better housing policies and results; better commuting and traffic conditions; greater protections of our extraordinary environment and natural resources; more and better paying jobs in our area; and maybe, finally, a return of the SALT deduction (since our economy, with the rest of New York State, drives so much more than just our community and state).

John Avlon clearly has the chops not only to win but also the ability to bring nationwide recognition and benefits to our community. He is a compelling and well-spoken advocate and messenger who will be able forcefully to convey the challenges we face both locally and nationally, never forgetting the needs of our community.

At the same time, he is not dogmatic and has demonstrated his desire and our collective need to work with those on the other side of the aisle. He has clearly expressed his belief in finding common ground and will do so as he represents all our best interests.

In the upcoming primary on June 25, John Avlon stands out against his opponent, who has proven herself not likely to beat the MAGA-entrenched and -supported incumbent in November. This was made patently clear at the recent East Hampton Democratic debate between John Avlon and his opponent.

John Avlon is the best choice for District 1, and the one who can win in November.

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Please remember to vote. It matters.

John A. Ortiz