Cones Are Working - 27 East


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Cones Are Working

In our continuous goal to assist other agencies in the Town of Southampton, the Highway Department has coordinated with the Southampton Town Police Department in monitoring what is commonly known as the “Cone Program” at the intersection of Montauk Highway and Canoe Place Road in Hampton Bays.

As of Friday, June 24, till further notice, the Highway Department will set up the traffic pattern at 5:30 a.m. and end it either at 9 a.m. or, if needed, 10 a.m. During these times, the traffic light at the intersection will set to blinking yellow eastbound and westbound on Montauk Highway, and blink red on the light exiting Canoe Place Road.

All traffic exiting Canoe Place Road will be forced east. A U-turn is available over the canal to travel west. Further, there will be no left turn on Canoe Place Road to travel west, and no left turn in both directions on Montauk Highway. Basically, everyone must travel east at that point.

Highway personnel have made some minor adjustments in the cone placement and are currently physically directing traffic.

This live traffic study has not cost the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars and months of delay, but in one week, with only a few extra hours of labor, we have received some great feedback from the residents of Hampton Bays. The side streets south of Montauk Highway finally have been relieved of standing traffic.

Many travelers have thanked the highway crews with a friendly beep of the horn and thumbs-up as they pass the area. Hospital and Town Hall employees also have commented with praise.

The Highway Department will be identifying other areas in the township for future programs, to include the lights on Montauk Highway at East Tiana Road and Bellows Pond Road in Hampton Bays; Montauk Highway at Tuckahoe Road and Tuckahoe Lane in Southampton; Montauk Highway at Willows Road, Water Mill; and to reopen the left turn at Shrubland Road in Southampton, to name a few.

I personally want thank Duty Highway Superintendent Marc Braeger, Highway Department labor crew leader James Wilson, Hampton Bays crew leader Stephen Strobel, highway crew members, and Town Police Captain James Kiernan for their ongoing assistance in the program.

Charlie McArdle

Superintendent of Highways

Southampton Town