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Continue Progress

We write in support of the reelection of Gina Arresta for trustee in the Village of Southampton.

Gina is one of the most capable people in all of village government. Not a day goes by when she has not made a substantive contribution to the better governance and benefit of all citizens.

She believes in hands-on governance, not limited to leaf blowers. Gina literally does not waste any time. If you know her, you know she spends all her free time making sure the best things happen in the village. She does not take up projects and let them sit; she sees them through to a productive conclusion. She has more than earned the moniker: “Gina No-Resta.”

I know how essential the sewer system is to so many residents and business owners in the village, and there’s no one I would put my faith in more than Gina to take this important project to its next necessary level — a successful conclusion that has escaped her predecessors.

This is why we are writing to support Gina Arresta for a second term as trustee: to give her the opportunity to see the furtherance of the projects and initiatives she’s taken on so far.

Gina has done so much for village finances. She has helped to reduce spending and lower taxes for the first time in 20 years, created a capital budget for greater transparency and a tax reserve fund to protect residents from tax increases.

We want to see Southampton Village thrive, and in a way that preserves its historical integrity. Gina is spearheading the efforts to revitalize our downtown at a time of great need. She brought outdoor dining back, has begun repaving our roads and parking lots, helped to open and beautify our parks, and dedicated a crew to keep our downtown clean and beautiful as Southampton Village should be.

Let’s support Gina to be certain this progress will continue. Her work ensures a greater benefit to the village and all its citizens.

Rainer and Regina Greeven