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Continue the Cones

I’ve never before written a Letter to the Editor, but I’ve been moved to do so to express my support of Southampton Town’s cone program on Montauk Highway. It is my understanding that the program is to end on Wednesday.

I’ve taught in Southampton for 20 years now, and since not being able to afford a home here (another important issue, but I digress), I’ve had to commute, first from Hampton Bays and now from Flanders.

As others can attest, the traffic congestion continues to only worsen, with no end in sight. It was with some skepticism that I learned about the cone program, but I have to say, it has genuinely helped not only my commute but countless others’ on the mornings it is up and running.

I urge the powers-that-be to continue this fine example of a government responding to the needs of its people. Thank you.

Peter Liubenov