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Creative Solution

A group of environmentally aware Hamptonites are again making an effort to encourage the Parrish Art Museum to install solar panels on the museum’s iconic roof. Such an enormous institution uses an enormous amount of energy, I am sure.

I’ve been involved in environmental protection for the last 12 years, and I have an idea that might help the museum choose solar energy.

I propose that the Parrish organize a competition asking artists to submit their ideas of what would be an example of “when art meets solar.” Let artists expand on their vision for how renewable energy can be manifested creatively. It could be in the form of where solar panels are placed at the museum. The roof or around the museum? In the shape of a sculpture? What design can be created by these rectangular forms?

This also can be a public relations gold mine for the Parrish. Our artists have led the public in the right direction before, and I think that they can now lead the way for the Parrish to make an environmentally responsible decision.

I have watched renewable energy grow in fits and starts, and it is clear that, at this rate, we will never solve the climate issue. That is not to say all is lost. We must think outside the box — and who better to do that but our creative community in the Hamptons.

Jerry Rosengarten

Southampton Village