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Crimes Committed

“Ch. 65, section 10, Maintenance and repair required: … B. No owner or person with an interest in real property … included within a historic district shall permit the property to fall into a state of disrepair.”

“Ch. 65, section 11, Penalties for offenses: … C. Any person who demolishes, alters, constructs or permits a designated property to fall into a serious disrepair in violation of this chapter shall be required to restore the property and its site to its appearance prior to the violation. Any action to enforce this subsection shall be in addition to and not in lieu of criminal penalties and other available remedies.”

It’s our building inspector’s duty to inspect and enforce such violations. Where the devil was our building inspector in the eight months during which the brick courtyard was illegally fenced off and vandalized? And if our building inspector does not know our own code sufficiently well to enforce it, where the devil were the two lawyers, paid out of our own village taxes (the village attorney and the assistant village attorney) while these crimes were being committed by a property owner on historic Jobs Lane, in full view of one and all?

Evelyn KonradAttorney at law



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