Critical Election - 27 East


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Critical Election

Bridget Fleming is exactly who we need in Congress right now. Newsday has said she “has been one of the most active and effective lawmakers.” Her experience representing local citizens gives her the perfect background to represent us in Congress.

Bridget served the people of Southampton Town for five years and went on to serve the people of Suffolk County for seven years. She knows our problems and issues and has worked tirelessly for over 12 years to improve our environment, transportation and safety. Bridget believes that women should choose what to do with their own bodies and will work in Congress to protect our reproductive rights.

Bridget knows we are vulnerable to the dangers of climate change and has worked diligently to protect our shorelines and groundwater. She knows we need to move toward alternative energy sources such as solar. She worked to obtain more electric vehicle charging stations.

Bridget is a former prosecutor and is endorsed by the Suffolk County Police Benevolent Association. She cares about our safety and protecting us against gun violence.

Bridget is always looking for solutions to our problems. She will improve our lives and our safety and protect our fundamental rights.

The upcoming election is a critical one, not only for the residents of Suffolk County but for the entire nation as well.

Vote for Bridget Fleming on Tuesday, November 8.

Mackie Finnerty