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Curtains Down

I have never been involved in politics. But now, I can’t stand by and watch our democracy taken away. I’ve lived my entire life under its freedom. Now, men who have benefited from this ideology are creating a civil war. Those who feel disenfranchised by the system against those who live within its laws.

One man partly causes this uprising, but it is not just him. It has been brewing for a very long time. It says something about our system when it ignores its uneven playing field. We can fix it. It won’t be easy; nothing worthwhile ever was.

The first step is to dethrone the self-proclaimed king Donald Trump. No one who dealt with Donald came out ahead, including the American people. What did we get? A tax break for the rich; didn’t he say it would be the middle class that got that break.

Sure he can make provocative statements that can rouse a crowd. It’s all theater, but the worst kind. Remember, you’re watching a showman, not someone concerned about your life. He wants praise from you and despots the likes of Putin (a genius, his words, not mine) and Kim Jong-un.

It is impressive at his age that he can stand up for hours at his rallies but realize praise, applause, and adulation are his fountain of youth. He has created the most drama this country has seen in years. The show is over. I hope we, the courts and media bring down the final curtain.

Let us get back to the real world.

Gerald Rosengarten

Southampton Village