Dance Party Coming to LTV - 27 East

Dance Party Coming to LTV

authorStaff Writer on Jun 18, 2024
The LTV Studio and East End Underground live concert series will host an ’80s dance party with The Cherry Bombs on Friday, June 28, at 8 p.m. The all-girl 1980s... more

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I Just Turned Sixty and I’m Short on Time

Do you ever have a week or a month where your personal life gets so busy that you don’t have time to do your job? Reader, I am having that sort of month. One of the pucks got married last month, and then two weeks later (a mere seven days before this column’s deadline) I celebrated my 60th birthday. Both these events required a lot of preparations, and then de-preparations as I got my life back to normal. Throw in a couple of national holidays, the Hamptons at its most crowded, mundane chores like food shopping and laundry (I was ... 16 Jul 2024 by Tracy Grathwohl

Growing Up Online

Nearly a dozen Long Island school districts have in recent weeks joined in a lawsuit in federal court charging that social media giants including Facebook, TikTok and Snapchat are having an “addictive and dangerous” impact on youngsters, doing “harm” to them. The school districts from Suffolk County in the suit are Brentwood, East Islip, Kings Park, Port Jefferson, Islip and South Huntington. The lawsuit is part of a national legal effort by school systems. And it comes as U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy has announced he would push for a warning label on social media platforms advising that they ... by Karl Grossman

Community News, July 18

YOUTH CORNER Tumbling with Rachel Haab Project Most Community Learning Center, 44 Meadow Way in ... 15 Jul 2024 by Staff Writer

The Politics of the Latino Vote

It’s summer, so, of course, politics is in the air. The Republicans are holding their convention next week. As I write this, Democrats are wrestling with Joe Biden’s nomination. And, here in New York’s 1st Congressional District, we have newcomer John Avlon, a Democrat, squaring off against the one-term Republican incumbent, Nick LaLota. Buried among the more attention-grabbing headlines is a recent story reported by Newsday that’s worth noting for its political implications: Long Island’s Latino population continues to grow, mirroring a national trend. The growth here is relatively small, 1.1 percent, or 6,871 people, between July 1, 2022, and ... 10 Jul 2024 by Carlos Sandoval

Surprise Fireworks

The competition was stiff this year. So many fireworks and only one Fourth of July. Those who chose the actual anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence — a Thursday — those shows, no matter how paltry, get credit for authenticity. Fireworks are not just rated for their spectacle but also for whom they intend to dazzle. There are, more or less, two types of fireworks to pick from: municipally funded, and hosted by the volunteer fire departments, who will also kindly put out the dune fire when they accidentally start one. These are the kind of shows ... 9 Jul 2024 by Marilee Foster

Community News, July 11

8 Jul 2024 by Staff Writer

Try, Try Again

East Hampton Village, in April, passed an ordinance requiring that restaurants and takeout food businesses only give their patrons plastic utensils and other plastic items with food when specifically requested by the customer. Will Suffolk County follow with a countywide law? Not so fast. A similar statute to the one enacted in East Hampton came before the Health Committee of the Suffolk County Legislature last month, but because it received a tie vote, 3-3, did not get through the committee. The county bill was sponsored by Legislators Steven Englebright of Setauket and Ann Welker of Southampton. Englebright, in his many ... by Karl Grossman

Light Show

We arrive at our longest days with a hot southwest wind. Vintage meteorologists, those who existed before satellites, are hard to find. Their ancient opinions on the weather live in the minds of generational farmers and fishermen. As for the summer solstice, the weather on that day will be the prevailing weather of the growing season. The local radio station is old enough, connected enough, to broadcast this observation, and I’m sure many are grateful for the gesture. At the end of this long day, I sit down to take off my boots. All the windows are open, the front ... 30 Jun 2024 by Marilee Foster

We Must All Hang Together

I’ll wager that most of you reading this Independence Day column do not appreciate how important John Hart was to our nation. Heck, if that name is familiar at all, it might be to readers of a certain age who know that an actor by that name played supporting roles in westerns and replaced Clayton Moore in the TV series “The Lone Ranger.” Obviously, I must explain. One of the stories I’ll never get around to telling — except here, it seems — is of the courage of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, which was issued 248 years ... 28 Jun 2024 by Tom Clavin

Smear Campaign

John Avlon decisively defeated Nancy Goroff last week in the Democratic primary to be the party’s nominee to challenge Republican incumbent Nick LaLota in the 1st Congressional District after a campaign by Goroff that was highly negative. “Today we proved that the positive defeats the negative,” said Avlon in a victory address. He received more than 70 percent of the vote. The 1st District includes the five East End towns, the northern half of Brookhaven, Smithtown and much of Huntington. It has historically alternated between Republican and Democratic representatives. As Judith Hope, long a sensible voice in Suffolk County (and ... by Karl Grossman