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David And Goliath

There appears to be a two-front war. You have Goliath (Discovery Land Company) marching through the community to satisfy its greedy ends, at the expense of potentially damaging the drinking water of our community and beyond. On the other front, you have the push to incorporate the Village of East Quogue to serve as an insurance policy for Discovery Land’s efforts to win the battle at all costs.

We have all witnessed the role that greed plays in a transformational manner. Since the beginning of time, any student of history will readily recognize that greed has changed the world, whereby the strong and powerful exploit the weak and vulnerable. “To the victor goes the spoils.”

In “It’s a Wonderful Life,” Bedford Falls succumbs to greed and becomes Pottersville. It is only due to the collective efforts of the entire community rising up and contributing what little they had were they able to save their town.

Will we rise to the occasion and save East Quogue?

Against great odds, I hold out hope that justice and fairness will prevail, because, as we all know, David did beat Goliath.

Vote no on the incorporation of the Village of East Quogue.

Michael AlestraEast Quogue


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