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Death Wish

President Trump is correct about one thing: It’s time to use disinfectant on our gene pool, or we’ll be stuck with the idiots ruling over us in the form of the GOP.

I’ve thought of them as the “Gang Of Putin” given their kowtowing to Vladimir Putin and his orange-haired crony illegally occupying the White House. Trump’s collusion stole the “impossible” 2016 election, and he’s currently prepping to cancel 2020. Do you think “Moscow Mitch” will prevent that? They may now be the “Gang Of Putzes,” but they’re ruthless nonetheless: “Let New York go bankrupt!” I say secede, if so.

Some (too many) are willing to follow these know-nothing liars over the cliff. It embarrasses me to admit that, as a historian and retired teacher, our educational system has not produced critical thinkers among at least 47 percent of our population. If you were familiar with the curriculums of other states, you would wonder how much was intentional and political.

The result is that we’re drowning in a swamp of idiots, swindlers and deplorables taking this nation in directions it does not wish to go. That’s right! If you’re KKK, or a white supremacist-nationalist, or a Nazi — you are despicable and deplorable. What do they see in Trump? A kindred spirit!

The rest of his followers do not see through this con artist. They’re incredibly naïve, ignorant or just plain stupid. It’s the demagogue Trump who will take their guns away — that’s what dictators do.

If the reader cannot point to where they live on a world map, that person will never understand what is going on in the rest of the world and how it will impact their lives. They will never understand the dynamics pushing us toward economic collapse, war and extinction due to our stupidity, lack of foresight and irresponsible procreation. We’re a species with a death wish and little respect for life and this planet. Witness all our trash polluting the Earth.

While Phil Keith and I may disagree on many issues, with me being a militant, progressive Liberal, pro-choice, feminist, Irish-Iroquois Democrat, one thing we both agree on is that the cretin in the White House must go. While our detractors will insult us with the thought that the “white coats” will be coming for us, we’re both more concerned that it will be the “Brown Shirts.”

Those readers suffering from Trump Deranged Syndrome should hope the “white coats” are coming to help them.

Lance Corey



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