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Deceitful Politics

Republicans would have you believe that Democrats are soft on crime, lax on the economy and oblivious of the deficit. But these are lies perpetuated by Republicans to scare and anger you.

This is their strategy: Look for a scapegoat to blame — namely, all Democrats — but offer no solutions of their own. That’s because they have no solutions.

Please don’t be fooled by their rhetoric. They are using you to stoke the flames of grievance to stay in power.

Why not vote for the one party that is trying to do something about crime, the economy and spending, and save our democracy in the process?

Democrats are not soft on crime. The real reason for rising crime rates is the proliferation of guns and gun violence. Democrats want to pass reasonable gun control measures.

What is the Republican solution? Put more guns on the streets — because gun manufacturers are funding their campaigns. The fact is that states with the weakest gun laws have the highest crime rates, and those states happen to be Republican.

Democrats are also not trying to de-fund the police. In fact, Democratic-run cities spend more on policing than Republican-led cities. Democrats are pro-police — that’s why they want to get assault weapons off the streets.

Republicans say they are pro-police, yet they call the insurrectionists who attacked police on January 6 “patriots.” You can’t be pro-insurrection and pro-police.

Democrats are not lax about the economy. Today’s inflation is mainly due to global post-pandemic shortages that are out of our control. But today’s inflation is also due to corporate greed. Large corporations are taking advantage of shortages to raise their prices and increase profits, which are at their highest since 1950.

What would Republicans do about this? Give large corporations more tax cuts — because they fund Republican campaigns.

The deficit has decreased under President Joe Biden. This year’s deficit will decline by $1.7 trillion, the single-largest decline in the federal deficit in American history. During Donald Trump’s presidency, the national deficit grew by almost $7.8 trillion.

How will Democrats help you deal with rising costs? They will lower taxes for working families and hire back most of the IRS agents laid off under the Trump administration to go after habitual tax cheats who make more than $400,000. They have lowered the cost of prescription drugs and insurance premiums. They have invested in infrastructure and green energy to create high-paying jobs and return manufacturing to the United States.

What will you get if Republicans return to power? The dismantling of Medicare and Social Security, the reinstatement of huge corporate tax breaks, higher taxes for average Americans, more guns on our streets, voter suppression, and a federal abortion ban.

Andrea Klausner


Southampton Town Democratic Committee