Decision Time - 27 East


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Decision Time

With November 8, Election Day, fast approaching, it is decision time. Obviously, some have already made that decision. My appeal is to those who remain undecided.

For the undecided, there is a single question to be answered: Who do you want running your country?

Consider your answer carefully. Is it men who deny women autonomy over their bodies? Is it politicians who deny the outcome of an election? Is it climate deniers? Is it politicians who want to degrade Social Security, Medicare and veterans’ benefits?

If your answer to any of these questions is no, it is time to become an informed voter.

Bridget Fleming, the Democratic candidate in the 1st Congressional District, has answered each of these questions. She supports a woman’s right to choose. She has been a staunch defender of our fragile coastline. She has actively reached out and supported the elderly and veterans in our community. She has gracefully accepted an election loss.

We of the 1st Congressional District can do no better than sending Bridget to Washington to both defend and promote our interests.

Edmund Pavlak