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Dedicated To Village

I have known Kimberly Allan for more than 30 years, first as her manager at Amex and then as a cherished friend. With that history, I can assure you, she is the one individual I would rely on to accomplish any challenge with total commitment, transparency and respect for all involved.

Following her successful career in financial services, she dedicated herself to Southampton Village, where she and her family spent much of their lives. As a trustee from 2017 to 2020, she never strayed from her commitment to the village, its people and the betterment of daily life for all. In that role, Kimberly served as the commissioner of the Building Department, zoning boards and the Planning Commission, and co-chair of the Senior/Youth Committee.

Today, Kimberly would like to continue that strong commitment to the betterment of life in the village as a Southampton Village Trustee.

Kimberly is proud of her signature accomplishments, including preserving 3 acres of open space on Lake Agawam via the Community Preservation Fund, more balanced zoning to protect privacy and space, and ushering in the first active summer gas leaf blower restriction on Long Island. She installed a cellular device to improve public safety at Coopers Beach and partnered with village residents and committees on business recovery during the COVID-19 pandemic. She also worked closely with the senior/youth committee on programs that benefit our community.

Kimberly served on the Community Preservation Fund Advisory Board for the Town of Southampton from 2018 to 2021. She has served on the town Environmental Committee since 2019.

With a long history of excellence in the corporate world, and a personal dedication to making the village in which she resides a model for quality of life throughout the year, I assure you, Kimberly Allan will represent the interests of all who share this goal. Her focus is on the environment, the residents’ safety and supporting flourishing businesses in the village.

With deepest respect for Kimberly Allan and her candidacy.

Mindy Ross West