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Deeply Moved

The moment I finished reading Tom Clavin’s column [“Death, Be Not Proud,” The Road Yet Taken, Opinion, July 14], I felt compelled to respond to it as follows:

I have read hundreds of stories over the years in your paper, many written by my son, Tim, and by my friend Phil Keith, and, with the possible exception of my son’s recent story detailing the challenges faced by a parent dealing with a developmentally disabled child [“The Game — Finally — Gave Me Something Back,” Stories From The South Fork, Opinion, June 30], and the immense joy offered by a mere giggle from him following a round of golf, I found myself deeply moved by Tom Clavin’s true-to-life story detailing the challenges of parenthood, including the joyful recovery of his young daughter years earlier, and the recent tragic loss of his son, Brendan.

As a newly minted octogenarian, I have come to realize that nobody escapes Planet Earth without challenges, large and small, along the way, and that the key to survival is to deal with them with a positive attitude and then move forward without letting them become the dominant focus of your life. Often easier said than done, but always the best option.

Tom, you have provided much pleasure to the countless people who have enjoyed reading your insightful stories. My hope is that knowing that will help you to deal with your current tragedy.

Be well, my friend.

George M. Motz