Deepwater Struggles To Assuage Concerns Of Fishermen - 27 East

Deepwater Struggles To Assuage Concerns Of Fishermen

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author on Dec 12, 2017
Commercial fishermen peppered representatives of Deepwater Wind this week with concerns, questions and “what-if” scenarios about the planned offshore wind farm’s feared impacts on marine life and the men who... more

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Scenes From An Epidemic

Among the most moving words about the novel coronavirus outbreak were those of Governor Andrew Cuomo to National Guard troops involved in converting the Javits Center into a hospital for coronavirus patients. “You are living a moment in history,” said Mr. Cuomo. “This is a moment that is going to change this nation. This is a moment that forges character, forges people, changes people — makes them stronger, makes them weaker. “Ten years from now, you will be talking about today to your children, and your children and you will shed a tear, because you will remember the lives lost ... by Staff Writer

Safe Holidays

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He Stands Alone

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You Hold Us Up

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Hospital Heroes

There are heroes working here on the East End. I am talking about the doctors and nurses at Peconic Bay Medical Center. With the novel coronavirus pandemic upon us, these health care professionals are beginning to receive some of the attention and adulation they deserve. However, after my wife’s recent stay at PBMC, I already knew what dedicated, knowledgeable and caring people work at our local hospital. My wife was rushed to PBMC a few weeks ago with a severe infection, which resulted in a four-day stay in the intensive care unit, where the doctors and nurses literally saved her ... by Staff Writer

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