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Diesel And Dust

While being homebound in my favorite village, I am blessed with sounds of summer. The nights, with cool breezes blowing softly through Southampton streets, I can hear the ocean waves kissing the shore. Sometimes at dusk, just before the sun sets, cardinals and sparrows sing their songs to say goodbyes to another beautiful day.

With the early sunrise, morning music is overshadowed by diesels, dumpsters and speeding SUVs that overtake the quiet. The flavor of the day has changed: Cars keep coming in speeds that make it impossible to see the squirrels crossing, or the bushes blooming along my beach lanes.

The sounds of buzz saws and buzz saws fill the air, as well as the sawdust and black soot that seeps through my open window screen.

So, with a twinkle, and a purr from my girls, I turn on my music, I make coffee and thank God for another day.

Kathy Abugel



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