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Disclose Donors

Many of the citizens of Sag Harbor Village took to the streets against the 7-Eleven when it was proposed. Now, many years later, it seems like an old friend is leaving [“It’s A Wrap: Sag Harbor 7-Eleven Closes,” 27east.com, April 30].

I saw their sign being taken down while the contents of the store itself were strewn about outside. How could this have happened? Soon, the other stores will be emptying out, too, destroying businesses and disrupting lives. All the owners wanted to do was make a living.

It happened because a gentleman, Adam Potter, decided to become involved with helping Bay Street find a new home. Only he didn’t think it necessary to ask the people who live here any questions or their opinions.

And then there is the question of unknown donors. Mr. Potter has steadfastly refused to name names, even though he was repeatedly asked during a forum held recently at Bay Street Theater.

However, I do believe that the people who are operating Bay Street Theater should be held responsible for informing the public exactly who is involved financially. Do I think they know the names of those money people financing this project? I really don’t know. But if the Bay Street people do know, I strongly feel they are obligated to come forward and disclose who they are to all of us. And immediately.

Why all the secrecy?

Molly Dougenis

Sag Harbor